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This Class is Named $100/day because it is catchy & although we cannot provide guaranteed results. Many of our students have learned how to make an income of $100/day and more.

Please be aware, past results have been great and we had 5+ successful years, yet this does not mean future results will be the same. 

Let me start by saying in this class, you learn about markets and different softwares. This is not an investing opportunity to make this clear. I am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advise. I do not have any funds and do not trade for anyone. You learn inside a skill and you can practice this skill in a simulated environment using software I show you how to use. You learn how to use software and read markets. I never ask for money. I never touch your money and I never tell you what to do with it. I simply teach you a skill you can practice with play money. These are tokens that are not real. You use them to practice the software and practice navigating the markets. My class named $100/day for beginners & advanced class named 2% Theory is an education based business that teaches different skills that teach about marketplaces, world economies, and what wealthy people do. What we don't teach or offer is any specific investment opportunities because we're simply teaching the skills so people can go out and make their own educated decisions on what actions to take in the markets. What I offer is a learning platform & alerts on price movements in markets, and no financial advice is found here.

We will go over market conditions and how to navigate markets for best results.

In the past until now, we have seen markets for smaller assets move as much as 8000% and more! Wow! I know that sounds crazy but that is what is happening in the world and everything is recorded in a kinds of database that cannot be changed! No manual editing or human error. I would say, If you wait any longer you will miss out!

Some people already feel they missed out but it is not too late. We can navigate what is happening today. 

The past is gone and we only have what is in front of us.

Jan 11, 2021 Edit: I have added a NEW section in the bonuses I did not mention here. A bonus not even talked about in the video. It will be a nice surprise and it is so secretive, I cannot even mention it here but I believe you will like it

This is what you get: You will get my  strategies, my set up, and what I have trained my eyes to see, and you can use these strategies over and over again. 

I am now on year 5 teaching this publicly in an online class. In 2012 I was studying these markets. In 2013 I entered and started seeing results, in 2016 I was teaching workshops, in early 2017 created this class and we have adapted and created updates for 2021 and it is even better than ever with live zoom meetings for members we have if we can't keep up with questions.

At this point we have a big FAQ however if your question is not answered after you finish the class, you can simply ask and I can make a video for you.

You also get my buying and selling signals! These are alerts! I have made some pretty good calls! 95% of my calls have been winners. It is a pretty unbelievable track record! On some days we do not trade on purpose. This is by design because we have trading days and non-trading days. Something to note about y calls: I don't trade when not certain so I make calls when I am pretty certain and although not 100% correct, so far I have been correct far more than not correct, in fact 95% of the time, I was correct. I also show you what I am looking for and how I do it so you don't even need me once you learn. I teach you how to catch your own fish (not literally speaking - I hate fishing :).

Now, again, like I said, I cannot make any promises on your returns, but many students have turned $100 into $1,000 

Some days, inside of 1 day we saw markets move 5% and even 40% and we actually were able to get results on the movement! 

Sometimes it takes longer than a day, those are fun days but sometimes it can take a week to see  20%-100% movement!

These markets don't move like this all the time, but when they do, we act on it for our own benefit.

A 100% result means $100 becomes $200. This is a basic math calculation. 

That means if we have a 100% market movement in a day and you have $1,000 then you get $2,000 in a day! (again, I need to state this is not every day!)

But when things are moving fast the possibility of getting good results is strong to make even more than that! 

You learn how the big guys do it! 

One of the misconception is that you need a broker or someone's help. You don't. You don't need to involve any people and it is actually best if you don't. In this industry there may be people who contact you on social media and it is actually best to stay away. 

Another thing you will get, is some information on where where the big millionaires put  their hard earned! Before you do, you can watch it for a while and see for yourself.  

This course is how to do everything from scratch yourself! 

Here is a recent example of a member making 1000% return on investment in only a short month! (Again, we do not offer anything that gives you this or own any funds) This is simply showing you what the pros do. 1000% is 10x your investment! If you put in $100 you get $1000! if you put in $10,000 you get $100,000! 

This is happening inside my $100/day course since 2017 and even today in 2021 it is still happening


 Anna Macko's $100/day course is for beginners, and for those that want to learn these markets but are not sure where to start.


Q. Does this work for me in the UK, Canada, USA, Australia, Europe, Iran, India... all over the world?

A. Yes! I specifically made videos on how to do it from Canada and Australia, I wrote lessons how to do it from USA and rest of the world, I will do specific videos on request! It works in Europe, Asia, America, Africa, Australia and everywhere. USA had some restrictions as well as some parts of Canada (Mainly Ontario & Quebec) and we have resolved this now and have workarounds. There will be a live zoom session to make sure everyone is set up correctly. Those times will be emailed a week before we do them and usually recorded. USA is back on track now.

Q.How much do I need?

A. At the beginning you are learning so you just need yourself. I want to clarify that we do not handle anything for you. We walk you through so you can do it on your own. You can fully research on your own after we show you. You will start by practicing with play money (like monopoly money) because what you are learning is a skill. We show you how to manage risks as well and we have lessons on low risk, medium risk and high risk.

We have a spreadsheet of recommendations and calculations are on $1000 but you can do it with $100 or even $10. Like I said, best if you practice with $0. (Play money)

You will learn to read the spikes in markets. For example, When a spike goes up 118% its crazy! People making good results

A member invested $10k and turned it into $22k in a week. (Again these are some results of the past and please do not expect this to happen every time. The possibility is there and we show you how to spot this)

Some members started with $100 and created more out of thin air and turned it into $1000. This actually happened in the past. 

And as much as I will prepare you and show you how they did it and how to do it. The results will vary because markets vary.

Here are real live comments inside the facebook group. By the way, you can search these inside and make friends with people inside the group. It is a peer group of like minded people. All comments are found inside. 

Q.How much time do I need to spend on this

A.I spend no more than 5-25 minutes a day - Some days I do nothing for a week -  A trade (buy or sell) takes me 5 seconds to actually do a trade! The same amount of time it takes you to click on a buy button. At first you are learning - just like you learn to ride a bike - this will be the learning phase and takes longer - Once you learn and practice the skills for say 3 months, you get better and faster it it (like anything you practice)

Some days I do only 1 trade a day, and some days I don't trade for 5 days in a row and end up on 1 trade for the whole week. There is no set number. In some markets, I am buying assets and doing nothing else for 5 year. Everything depends on the conditions.

I only sell it if the price is right. If its not, I do nothing and wait

This is me actually working from my rooftop pool! I turned $20,000 into over $80,000 in less than 3 months! At first I was just holding long term because it will go up but then started trading and found it is a faster way to make money with this!

Q. What are the chances of me losing

A. Actually Low if you follow the plan - Some people panic and sell something that is falling and lose. Actually you don't need to sell unless something is fundamentally wrong. You have the option to wait for it to come back up. Let me give you an example:  when real estate crashed, if you don’t sell, it will go back up! The market goes up and down all the time. Very volatile which means it is PERFECT for trading these special markets that are NOT the stock market. None of this has anything to do with the stock market as these markets are open 24/7 and are created by a programmer for the people. There are specific days and specific times to actually enter the markets. When you do it at the right time, you can see good results. Like I said in the alerts, these are notifications on your phone you get from me that help you notice if something I think is good is happening. The decisions are up to you. 

The possibility is there for you to see results every day! Even Saturday and Sunday since I am talking about what I thought was a game when I first started. (The good thing is you don't need a HUGE capital like you do in real estate and the return in my experience for me were better here so far! Who knows what the future holds. The choice is always yours, I will simply show you how relevant softwares work and how markets work. Back to the real estate example, you are lucky if you make 13% a year return on your house AND to achieve this 13% we have to wait 5 years at LEAST to see that after lawyer fees and maintenance and if things go wrong! Some days I was able to see 13% in these markets in a day. One day vs 5 Years. To me it is a no-brainer.

In these markets you can see 110% movements in a day! YES A DAY!!!!

These are the 24 HOUR returns on investment by the way (this is one day - everyone who received my alerts in my recommendations made A LOT of money off this trade) The alerts are awesome if I say so myself

Look is this risky? Yes everything is a risk. But you can literally learn this still with Play Tokens. Like a game. I am here to teach you the skill. 

Have we seen dips in the markets? Yes of course! There will be dips & that is where my next class comes into play to show you now to navigate dips. We saw big dips in the past. By BIG I mean 40%, and what happens is, people panic every time and think its the end for this market. Then the market recovers more than what it was at the last highest spike. I always use this as an advantage for myself. I navigate. I click on the right buttons in the software. I see results. The normal people end up panicking but people with a trained eye will see if this is a good time to take advantage or not. There are several video lessons on this.

In this class, you don't use any margins so one option you have is to not click sell. Losing involves selling and if you are patience and wait out the dip, you don't lose like someone who panics and sells. The skill is to navigate the market. You learn about the market in this class and options on what actions to take in certain markets.

Q. How long do you think this will go on for? 

To me, I believe this is long term! Already this market was created in 2009 and has not stopped even now in 2021. We had to update, adapt, change things around. Researched and tried new software. We also have some brand new projects still in their infancy! One is only 2 years old and just in development and already made billions. Yes this is a billion dollar industry but compared to the stock market it is a tiny dot on the chart compared to the stock market that is a big dot. People who fear this say it is a bubble because they don't understand it. The fact is, this market crashed 140 times and it will continue to keep going up and crashing! The point is to take advantage of it in a "crash" (which is a dip when prices go down) and sell in the highs! This is the only place I know where I have the possibility to make $10k+ a day with a $5k in one single day where you can double your money (not every day! But it happens! It happened to me and my students many times in the past.)


So No this is not a bubble, let me quote Churchill for you - “this is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the end; it is more like the end of the beginning”.

Nothing goes straight up, unless it is a bubble about to terminally burst. It is perfectly normal to have declines, even long and sustained ones, that serve to transfer ownership from weak to strong hands.

Weak hands are defined as marginal buyers who are ready to jump out at the slightest whiff of a decline. They tend to get separated from their money rather quickly.

Do not fret about every decline; make sure you know why you are in it, otherwise get out and keep your money, or you will run a big risk of ending up a weak hand

Q. Do I need a high power computer?

A. Nope! Do this on your phone or laptop no worries. Most softwares I use work on the phone but I personally prefer a laptop unless I am at the gym on a bike, I will use my phone.

I do this from anywhere this is a photo of me working on it, and this morning FROM THE POOL haha

This is actual footage of me "working" on this, from my phone while my software developer friend Nate was creating his software on his laptop. (This is an extra benefit you can do this from ANYWHERE with wifi on your phone!) P.S. Yes I am also a programmer & software developer, so the way I see it, I am basically a nerd that found some cool software to operate on and good markets to play with. 

Q. Is this complicated?

I love this question. It can be and some people think it is, but the point of me making this course is that I took someting complicated and simplified it for the average person. In 2013 it was complicated. You basically needed to be very computer savvy to figure this out and it was complex. Now with the tools and softwares we have. It is much simpler. I also simplified everything even more to eliminate what we do not need. And we ONLY focus on the elements we DO need. 

I already spent hours, months researching this and practicing. I have made the course so simple so you can just follow me. 

I literally wish someone showed me this course. I wish I had a mentor just sit down and explain to me step by step what I had to do, so I didn't have to waste years trying to figure out the best way. There is honestly so many useless things  in this industry. I spent months learning things I didn't need and went down the wrong path. Now when you get this course, you fast track your way by avoiding all my mistakes and learning from day 1 what is the correct way to navigate these markets.

The set up part is just a matter of you uploading your ID to some companies & you get options. It is not just 1 place. 

The buy in part is just a matter of typing in your buy price in a box.

Your sell part is a matter of also typing the number you want to sell at in a box

The withdraw part is a matter of withdrawing back to your bank account. 

There is a bit more to it and I film my screen to walk you through the process. 

Anyway, since I send you alerts about what I am doing and what is hot, updates, ideas, you can choose to follow me and do what I do and not do your own research 

Here is an example of emails I send! When my alerts go up I literally do backflips in the pool!

This is something I shared on my Instagram story which is why it says swipe up

Here is an example of what you would be doing (buying and selling! Nothing complicated about this)

This is simple but this is an Australian software I use & teach you how to use. I did this trade over and over and even up to 3x a day, We want the chart to hit the little spikes so we get results. This can take a week or a month and hit the larger spikes! 

Q. What are the fees

A. Different tools have different fees. The average is between 0.0022 and 0.008 (the more you trade the smaller the fees get) I have a special worksheet that you will get in the course so you can calculate if the trade is profitable or not with the fees and tax. 

Q. What is the tax?

A. Let me start by saying I am not an accountant. I do not give accounting advise. Please get an accountant. Now a simple explanation is that each countries have their own tax laws (Capital Gains Tax) Capital gains tax can be explained with the example how when you sell your second house you pay Capital Gains Tax - In Canada 50% of your money is not taxed. They tax the other 50% based on your earnings minus your expenses. Australia has similar laws. Check the capital tax gains laws in  your country. You will be taxed on your profit so you can edit the spreadsheet.

I do go over some tax software you can use to help however I still highly recommend getting your own accountant when you are ready to apply the skills you learn inside this class.

There is also a ways accountants can help you save money. Another reason I love accountants and being surrounded by a good team of experts will make your life easier when you have people who studied this specifically.  

Listen to what some students are saying!

More Testimonials:

Here is a video testimonial from Christa - After she completed the class and went on her own, She used the skills she learned and She made $1,700 in 24 hours

More Testimonials from excited members share their wins! This is inside our group where experienced traders share even more tips:


$100/day Course Details:

  1. LIFETIME (wait, for legal reasons we need to say 2 Years) of  Priority Email support) Mentorship/Consulting: You will have me & my team to ask questions to! Our business hours are Tuesday to Friday between 9AM and 3PM. I set a limit on emails because I spend about 2 hours a day on emails, I spend about 2 hours in the group, I see many peers answering questions and I make sure they are correct. My team is also in the group, answering. Once you finish the class you join a group of other members. As well as all these screenshots that are from inside the FB group. You can search and find who they are from and you will find many more results. You can make friends with these beautiful humans are have like-minded interests. For support, our members can ask questions inside the class. After many years of teaching this class, we find most questions are already covered in the FAQ section of the class. We do once in a while have a zoom live especially when we are adapting to a new market or something new is coming. Members have been getting free updates for 5 years and we plan on keeping it that way. We do want you to reach out of you have a question. Most of the traders, and my team is actually answering many questions in there, and if there is a question I don't see anyone answered, I will answer. At this point, I think all the questions are covered in the class but sometimes I notice people missed something and I direct them to the video and usually they get it, but if not then please ask me again. I do my best to guide you STEP BY STEP  in the training - and you can also ask me or my team unlimited QUESTIONS. I have also created so many video answers sharing my screen it should be covered. I notice people who ask questions, the answers are in the course and when I look I can see they did not finish the course. I highly recommend finishing before asking questions otherwise things repeat. I already made so many videos in different ways because people have asked me to explain differently or go more slow. In version 2.0. I will redo the class so we have it for "I am a fast learner" type of people and for "I need more time going through the details" This will be in the next version you will have access to. Either way now, you will receive the insider knowledge from my years of experience with these markets. (I can't put a price on me, but when I work with big brands I charge $25,000 per year)  
  2. Get the Benefit of Community & Networking Benefits: I will introduce you to my PAID SECRET MEMBERS-ONLY VIP group on Facebook (we may move the group away from FaceBook but still be together in the future) - This is an amazing group of entrepreneurs & traders & beginners who, when you get to know them, find they achieved amazing things, have similar interests in markets, created businesses & have crazy connections & you can make friends with these beautiful souls. You will be able to surround yourself with high quality people and also ask as many questions as you like in the group. This will open you up to new opportunities and you will grow faster as an investor and entrepreneur. (This is worth $495 a month and currently you get a lifetime membership) We also have terms to stay inside, no spamming and no offering investment opportunities & no selling inside the group. Obviously no racism. I can't believe I even have to say that, but we had this issue. No sexism. Just be a good human and you can stay. If you make a mistake we do give chances but you would know what is against the terms. We want to keep the group clean & a positive place to be.
  3. Social DNA Experiment: Anna Macko at LOVINGNOTWORKING on instagram (ok that is me) I am experimenting with new strategies on a regular basis. From basic to advanced you will be first to know and be part of the experiments with us. This will benefit you greatly as the best learnings come from these new experiments. This will allow you to know these new methods first before anyone else.(This is worth $997)
  4. Bonuses & Updates When you enroll today you are eligible for every update and bonus content. You are "grandfathered in" with anything new I add in for LIFE! (LIFE being 2 years) The price of this course will go up as new content is added however you will have access with this one time payment while everyone else will have to pay more.(These free updates will be worth $1500 or more)

A One-time payment and no further investment is required. Stop trying to waste time learning all this yourself. JOIN MY PROGRAM and get all the BONUSES plus be mentored by someone who is already doing this & has been since 2013!

Learn step by step how to gain a high income skill and how to work through and navigate markets & create results for yourself. You will learn to trade like I do. Look at what patterns I look at. Eliminate things you don't need, and get my alerts. The best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago, the second best time is now. Start focusing on learning a high income skill you can use for many years to come. Your future and now is all you got. 

If you have any problems please email me directly at: [email protected] I answer all questions from my members within the business hours stated above (Tuesday to Friday 9am-3pm EST). 

This investment course already has a value of over $25,500!

Some students make more than that per month now with the high income skill they gained from the lessons in this class. You can compare the price of this class with the new iPhone! I would say wait to buy the iPhone, learn the life skills first, and join me in the $100/day course.

This offer expires soon! It has already changed several times. Prices can change any day without notice. Protection Status

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